10 Simple Ways to Boost your Home’s Value

Want top dollar for your home in 2012?
10 Simple Ways to Boost your Home’s Value
1. Retouch the appearance of the front entrance way, including the doorway trim, windows, steps and front door (paint) and remove outdoor debris. Garden gnomes are fine in the garden, but leave them off the front steps when showing the home to potential buyers.
2. Trim back the bushes and trees to make it look kept up and neat.
3. Upon entering the home, if the walls are glaring to the eyes, tone it down with neutral interior paint such as a cream, beige or a soothing pale pastel for the interior. Start with the entryway area first, then going on to the next biggest adjoining room to create a better flow with color.
4. Don’t forget to freshen the flooring, get carpets cleaned and hardwood floors touched up.
5. Make all the major repairs before the first showing so that you can show that the house has been lovingly maintained. Think the home inspector won’t find it? Think again!
6. Put all your home appliances under warranty with a simple phone call. This improves buyer’s confidence (get your real estate agent to help you a home warranty policy for a 1 year from date of sale).
7. Make energy efficient home improvements, like simple attic insulation, window weather stripping and sealing cracks can make a big difference. Larger improvements such as new replacement windows may be on a case by case basis and can add up quickly. But, if the windows cannot be opened and shut, it is time for new ones.
8. If you think the pink candelabra lights over the bathroom vanity might be dated, you’re probably right. Switching out lighting fixtures is a simple project for most homeowners. Matching lighting fixtures can be bought on the cheap and installed quickly and easily.
9. If you can afford it, put in a new stove. Even the oldest kitchen will gracefully accept a shiny new stove and so will buyers. No need to go over the top, even a simple Kenmore stove will boost confidence and the bottom line.
10. Lastly, don’t forget to freshen up the bathrooms. Nothing screams neglect more than slimy black mildew and mold in the tiles of a tub or shower.


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