Upping the ante for Elgin area Realtors

Spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time for Realtors to renew their professional license!  But wait, are there any Realtors left out there to renew?  In the state of Illinois, everyone must transition to a Broker or take a new 90 hour required course!  The good news and the bad news is that the housing market remains sluggish.  But this also means that whoever is left standing in 2012 (and renews their license) now has survived trial by fire in the real estate industry.  The bad news is that those folks who skated by on other’s mistakes and closings now have to go it alone, or more likely, quit altogether.   I am excited to continue my professional development and transition to become a Broker in 2012.  I take pride in my flexibility in my business because every client is unique with different needs.  When I work with a client, whether it is educating them, coordinating complicated documents or just explaining real estate terms in everyday language, I recognize that each person is entrusting me to help them buy or sell a huge investment.  I am excited to reach out to the Fox Valley area renters, buyers and sellers out there who are ready to work to move on (or up) to the next housing chapter in their life.   The city of Elgin offers a wide variety of homes, from fixer uppers to classic Gold Coast mansions.  Homes are waiting to be moved into and I look forward to making your next home purchase a delight!


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