Why you need a Realtor (still)!

Check out this article from Trulia on why you still need a Realtor today in the Fox Valley!


To summarize the article, you need a Realtor who is armed to the teeth in Social Media knowledge, familiar with advertising and online sites that promote listings as well as giving information to prospective buyers.  Secondly, recognize that every home is a part of a local market.  A Realtor who knows your home’s specific area, should be very familiar with the block, the neighborhood, the next neighborhood, etc and should be comfortable telling you the details of current market conditions that you probably are not aware of.  Third, if you thought networking was just for finding a new job, think again.  Realtors join networks, both through their associations and local chambers of commerce and even as little league coaches and volunteers.  They are connected and plugged into their community unlike a lot of other full time employed workers, some of whom work 70-80 weeks and barely know their neighbors.   Lastly, like it or not,  even the best prepared homeowner is still not a full time agent.  If you’re working two jobs and raising a family, do you really have time to negotiate all the in’s and out’s of a revised offer?  Do you want to be a real estate attorney too?  Be sure to check that title so it’s clear for closing.  You’ve got plenty of time, right?  Unless you have an absolutely plain vanilla transaction, be prepared to wear many hats.  And don’t forget, the buyers will have their own team of professionals working for them.  Don’t let something small blow up your deal because you wanted to handle it all yourself.  Now, if you are a full time property investor who has done 10+ transactions per year, then yes, you have more skill than the average homeowner who moves once every 4-7 years.

Worst case scenario, stack the deck in your favor and list with an agent.  You can negotiate the commission split as needed and make it worth their while at the same time.  There is a reason why For Sale By Owner sites have died out!  Save a House, save your sanity and list with a Realtor!


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