Basement Flash Floods in Elgin

How odd.  I thought everything would be louder at 4am.  My kids’ crying is certainly a heart stopper at 4am.  But, the screamer water alert did not sound very loud at 4am.  11 months ago, we had a basement flood of about 1 inch of water in our Elgin home and we couldn’t figure out where it came from.  It wasn’t raining and we’re not in a flood plain.  Fortunately, our basement is still unfinished so we didn’t lose a lot of stuff.  But, oh my, what a mess it left.  So to avoid another huge disaster, we bought a water “watch dog” sensor and put it on the basement floor in case of leaks.  And sure enough, last week, the not-so-blaring-water-alarm got my poor husband up out of bed at 4am and down to the basement to sop up the damages.  By the time I had the courage to join him in the wet basement, the worst of it was over.  The mysterious leak occurred exactly the same way again, with clean water, about an inch or so, spreading slowly from one side of the basement across to the other side.  Aha, a mystery!  Not so much this time.  We saw a problem with the p-drain bubbling up and realized something must be backed up.  So, we pulled the pump out of the sump pump hole and voila!  A clogged filter was the problem.  Since we’re on a well/septic system, we have pretty crunchy water (without the whole house water filter on, it is brackish-brown).  to prevent this from happening again, we installed a super industrial strength pump this time (with a 5yr warranty) for $200.00 that crunches up the large chunks and won’t clog up again.  Live and learn.  And check those pumps regularly!  Even though ours was less than 3 years old, it still malfunctioned.


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