Matching Elgin Realtors With New Clients!

Find your perfect Realtor match!

When we went looking for a new home, we had no idea where to start.  We looked all over in Saint Charles, South Elgin and finally in unincorporated Elgin.  Online home previews were great but don’t account for things like a smoker’s home, old dog smell, torn up backyards, or dripping ceilings.  Funny how photos always make the home look perfect, isn’t it?

After realizing we were ready to see homes in person, we hired a Realtor.  We picked them blindly off the internet and it was really hit or miss.  But they worked with us from November 2004 until we finally bought a home in July 2005.  9 months later and over 40 homes previewed in person, we pulled the trigger on a home purchase.  Then we sold our townhome in 3 weeks.  The realtor was new in the business, and hungry to close a deal, so they got both our listing fee and buyer’s agent fee of the new home because they worked both sides of the deal.  We listed for .05% on the townhome with them.  Did you know you could do that?  But, they got a full 2.5% as the buyer’s agent when we closed on the new house.  In the end, it was a win-win for everyone.  Now in hindsight, I would have liked to have rewarded the Realtor for sheer endurance but I think their split (.05%) of a sale of $200K and (2.5%) of $360K was fair.

Ask me now if I would recommend them today.

Absolutely not!  They have moved on in the business and aren’t even doing sales anymore!  But it is a lesson learned:  just because someone is business 7 years ago, doesn’t mean they still are today.

So if you’re looking for a Realtor in Elgin, a short sale team or an investor specialist, let me know and I can get you the right person to talk to.  I can promise you, they’ll have years of experience, tons of patience and plenty of time to answer all your questions!



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