Preferred Clients Get Upgraded Fox Valley Realtor!

One of the reasons I got into real estate was to try to make an unfair situation more fair.  Housing contracts are long-winded.  Attorneys are hired to review documents.  Closing companies perform due diligence.  Where is the homeowner or buyer in all this?  Buried under piles of paper and inspections and mortgages.  Why is it all so complicated?  It is only the biggest (probably) purchase of your life.  How can the little guy have his voice heard?  Who is going to speak up for him?

I want to level the playing field!  Finding a win-win scenario is always the best option or I wouldn’t be in business.  I can’t stand bait and switch tactics, or hold your nose until you turn blue tactics or anything that causes undue amounts of stress or anxiety.  I want to sell your home  or help you buy your next home stress free and painlessly.  Every Realtor does.

So I am upgrading my skills for my clients.  I am going back to class and taking more seminars.  I am expanding my knowledge base on marketing tactics, selling tactics, more consistent follow-up and social media.  I blog what I know about Elgin and the Fox Valley area and share it here.  The best part is, I don’t have to be the expert in everything!  Why?  Because if I don’t know it and you want a short sale expert, I have team referral for you.  If you are an investor looking for easy property closings, I have the perfect guy for you.  Need a leasing expert or commercial?  I have that too.  Are you relocating?  I’ve got that covered.  Expanding my referral network offers a win-win.  You, as my preferred referral client, get the best the match to the best local Realtor!


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