Listing Agents Give Up Half Their Commission!

It’s not everyday you hear about Listing Agents giving up a chunk of their commission, but it’s true.  Why on earth would they willingly do this?  Are they making a charitable donation?  Maybe they are having a really great hair day?  No!  It’s because Buyer’s Agents are so valuable that a Listing Agent is willing to give up half of their usual commission to close on a house.  Unbelievable!  Three percent  is the amount the average Listing Agent thinks a Buyer’s Agent is worth, which is half of their entire commission of six percent.   Why is that?  Listing Agents know that Buyer’s Agents do a lot more than just open doors to show properties and open houses.  A Realtor who is an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent here in the Elgin Fox Valley area can provide a wealth of local resources for your new neighborhood, provide recommendations and references, offer market analysis, in addition bringing their many years of local expertise to the home buyer’s corner during an occasionally stressful time (like the contract negotiation process).  Listing agents know that someone else is looking out for the buyer and that means one less sticking point they have to worry about.  A smooth transaction means that questions get resolved, both parties are satisfied and the ownership can transfer without any hang ups.  They also know that a licensed Buyer’s Agent will show up for home inspections, talk with the buyers to verify expectations, ask questions, be an extra set of eyes, and help resolve issues with the buyers as they come up in order to help smooth the closing process.  Finally, a successful Listing Agent has many clients at the same time to juggle, often spending less time on one individual listing.  A Buyer’s Agent is more specialized and works only for the buyer and therefore has more time to spend on each transaction, thus getting the buyer the best possible deal.  The best part is it’s FREE!  You, the home buyer, do not pay a cent for a great Buyer’s Agent to represent you!

Find a Buyer’s Agent today!  Email me with your specific needs and I can match you with a great Broker-Agent today.

Jennifer Kinzle, E-Pro Broker Agent


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