Being prepared for Weevils at your final walk thru

Getting ready to head to your real estate closing for your new Fox Valley area home?  Don’t forget to do your final walk thru with your Buyer’s Agent on the day of your closing.  Some buyers even bring their home inspector back out for a final look as well (for an extra fee).  Your Buyer’s Agent will meet you at the property to let you in and walk it with you.  Be sure to schedule the walk thru for the same day of closing because if there are any issues with the property i.e., it has 6 inches of water in the basement, or the appliances are torn out, or weevils have moved in, or something else awful has happened to the property, you’ll want to inform the sellers of the issue(s) prior to the closing.   If it’s really in bad shape, you may not close after all.  This is a scary thought for a lot of buyers, but with the sheer volume of foreclosures and vacant homes waiting around in the market place today, it has become more common to have vandalism. But, even with major damage, I can tell you that most sellers are very willing to work it out to make the deal close on time.

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