Find Great Free Stuff on Elgin Yahoo Freecycle!

I just cleaned out my storage closet, basement and kids’ toys in one easy move! I posted a message on my local Elgin FreeCycle page through Yahoo! and in less than 1 hour had 16 people interested in coming that day or the next morning to pick up the items. Less than 18 hrs after posting my message, everything was picked up and gone, saving me time and hassle of trying to take it all to Goodwill or garage sale it. Better yet, everything will be re-used to its best purpose so it was a win-win. Now this is an idea I can use! Paying it forward in life and of course, in business is a great idea. Plus, now my kindergartner understands how much better it is to help someone else while cleaning up what we don’t use. I use it and suggest you find a local FreeCycle for your city the next time you want to clear out some stuff. You might not get any cash for it, but you’ll save a lot of time and aggravation by not sitting out hoping for a buyer to come to your garage sale. And maybe you’ll be helping out someone who can use what you don’t want. Hint-post photos and you’ll get even more people interested in your stuff!


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