How Elgin Home Owners Win Everytime

“I want to sell my home for $900,000 firm.”

Realtors get it.  We get it.  We really do.  We know how important your house is well, because, it is your home, not just a property on the market.   Your home is your space, your entertainment venue, your spa and your retreat.  Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and even weddings have been held outdoors in the warm springtime days and lasted well in to the summertime evenings.  We know how the special cabinets were flown in from Brazil.  How the eco-friendly flooring is helping 3rd world countries.  We know you have the very best in water softener treatments, whole house reverse osmosis filters, 95% efficiency furnace, upgraded windows and marble inlays in the fire place.  We know how hard it was to find the perfect landscaper to design the stunning backyard retreat and incredible sunroom.  We can see the effort you put in to ensure the home is well cared for both inside and out.  We know this because we listen as you give us the inside details on a personal living space that has become a part of who you are.

But if you tell your Fox Valley Realtor what your home is worth and we agree to the penny, who wins?  Certainly not you, the home seller.  An unrealistic listing price makes a house look like something is wrong with it because the price point scares people away.  The potential buyers don’t win because it is so far above their price point that it doesn’t come up in their online searches.  I guarantee you that there is a buyer out there right now, today, with a ready mortgage in hand and 100% commitment  to moving in to a new home in under 90 days.

Here is the Big Secret Realtor Test:  If your Realtor lists the house and no one comes by to see it in the first few weeks, it is priced too high.  If you get a 3 or 4 people to come through, the price is close to market value but not quite.  If you get 10-12 people in to see it and no one makes a single offer, something is wrong with the property.

So the real question is this:  Do you really want to sell or do you want the proper respect paid to your upgrades that you think a surprisingly high price tag affords?

Now is the best time to list your property for the spring market.  Let’s talk!


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