Elgin’s New Technology Center

A new Elgin Technology Center is now open in downtown Elgin, located in the historic Tower Building at 100 E. Chicago Street, 2nd floor, 60120

With plans to expand to 115 small businesses by 2015, the ETC wants to create a new atmosphere of entrepreneurship and highlight innovation by local technology businesses.  Only six spaces remained to be filled at this writing.  Location is truly everything!  Not only is the building itself an historic landmark built in 1929, it is in the center of a revitalized strip of coffee houses, specialty shops and restaurants of grand suburbia scale.  The nearby Metra train station affords an easy commute to downtown clients, the Gail Borden Library has a great variety of resources, plus the Elgin Centre and the Hemmens Center for Performing Arts offers chances to wind up or down, as the need arises.

In addition, the business center offers the ETC Academy, a special 10 course program that certifies you as a CTE-Certified Technology Executive.


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