Timeshare Trouble

Timeshare prices plummet:


Is this happening to you?  This article highlights something that all timeshare owners should consider when making a purchase.  Will you use it?  Are I’m not talking about for an investment and not for your daughter’s future grandkids.  Will you use yourself, in this year, this month or soon?  If not, take a pass.  We looked at many timeshares, both in exotic locations like Cancun and right near home in the the beautiful Wisconsin Dells area.  What we decided was that we like variety too much to narrow our choices down to one place every year.  Timeshares are great when you’re ready to stay in one area for several years or before you make the location a permanent residence.  Some timeshares allow you to use a variety of resorts within their program.  So for those looking for a different destination every year, this style of timeshare may work best.  But keep in mind, even after paying for the initial buyer’s fee, more yearly costs such as taxes, associations dues property rental fees, cleaning/recovery costs, insurance and other costs can add up quickly.


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