5 ways to save money on your home

April 15th Don’t fight fair-fight a property tax increase!   Check on Zillow but follow up with an appraisal from a local bank.  Then ask a local Fox Valley Realtor to pull comparables in your neighborhood to see current pricing.

DIY-Do It Yourself and save hundreds of dollars for one weekend (or less).  Painting a room can inspire you to take on larger projects (or hire someone to do it for you) but you can’t beat this simple fix up for your home.

Make major home repairs when needed.  Don’t wait off on that new roof or leaking pipes.  A hole in the attic or a flooded basement are a whole lot more expensive that just fixing when it first becomes a problem.

Stick to your ratios when you shop for a home.  It sounds very simple but to have your income to debt ratio at 28% for housing costs (or less) will make a huge difference to your wallet.  This magic number should include your mortgage principle, interest, taxes, private mortgage insurance, homeowner’s insurance and association dues.

Get the best rate on your mortgage.  Be sure to shop around and check out the rates.  Lock in the best one when you’re ready to purchase.  If you think you can trim your mortgage down a few years, try a 20 year or 15 year mortgage and watch the interest savings really add up fast.



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