Investors in Elgin!

Are you a local investor?  New or seasoned?  Looking for properties to buy at low prices?  Whether you are highly capitalized, low funded, all thumbs or a true handy man pro, the Fox Valley offers a wide range for real estate hounds.  One of the hottest local townhome communities is Neutrenton Place.  As of June 24, 2012, units 147, 102 and 119 are for sale, ranging in price from $118K to $95K.  These units are rentable, built in 2004, most with full basements and 2 car garages, light and bright in a good location, with easy access to Rt 20.  As close to turnkey as you can get, these are perfect for the first time investor looking for low maintenance rentals.

Check out the link below for more information!


4 Bed/4 Bth Townhome, beautiful rentable units!

A great deal if you’ve got the time to wait on a short sale!



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