Feeling neglected by your Realtor?

Last weekend, I talked with a client who was frustrated by her previous Realtor.  She said that although she loved the Realtor’s presentation, knowledge and experience, she rarely heard from the Realtor once she signed on the dotted line for listing her home.  She got the run around from the Realtor’s administrative assistant and lots of “we’ll call you right back” responses, very few of which got called back ever.  She expected one thing, but got another.  It ended at the termination date of the contract and I’m sure the Realtor was left wondering why the client didn’t renew.

While this is not really a bait and switch marketing tactic, it sure seems like it to some home owners who were expecting to deal exclusively with the listing agent on a regular basis.  This is a great question to ask during an agent listing presentation: Will I be working with you directly or will you hand this off to your assistant?

If you’re like me, you want to get the expertise you’re paying for.  I like to see my doctor for my checkup’s, not the nurse or assistant, because I feel the doctor is better qualified to ensure my questions are answered and better assess my medical needs.  I also have a PPO for health care coverage, so I feel if I’m paying more, I should be getting a better quality of care.  I am sure the nurse is 100% qualified to answer my questions, but it’s one thing to take my blood pressure and weight and record it on my chart.  It is a whole other thing to prescribe meds or assess a condition.

Would you want the assisant to answer your questions or the Doctor?  The same thing is apparent when you select a Realtor:  I bring real estate expertise that an assistant doesn’t have.  It’s up to the owner: some prefer an entire team of professionals listing their home and getting the relevant data together.  Others prefer a single point of contact and to have the same agent to do all work related for the owner.  Another big question to ask a listing agent: Are you a specialist?  Some agents specialize in bulk sales, or short sales or fixer uppers or only condos.  All these agents can still sell your home, but may have different methods of doing so.  There are agents that specialize in only green homes, in the 55+ age group, in relocations or even just as a Buyer’s Agent (they don’t take listings at all).

Finally, you as a home owner need to ask yourself, what do I need in my Realtor?  Personal touch, loads of market analysis, email response, faster texting response, more talk, less talk, speaks spanish, aggressive or laid back style, sells only million dollar homes each year, etc.  It all depends on what you prefer.

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