Fresh town homes ripe and ready for the picking!

Fresh condos are sitting on the local Chicago real estate market, most of them with absolutely nothing wrong with them aside from a excessively long market time.  Market time means how many days the property has been actively listed for sale.  

See the full article here at Chicago Real Estate Daily:

As in every market, certain areas are more in demand than others.  For example, the Reserves of Elgin town homes are fabulous newer town homes that are in a lovely area, right near major shopping, but still in a residential nature setting.  Yet a lot of these homes are still waiting for a new owner.  One reason could be the restrictions the homeowner’s association puts on sellers.  You are allowed one single sign in your window, not outside your unit.  This makes is incredibly difficult to get any drive by traffic to even notice your property for sale while driving through the neighborhood.  

Visit to find out more on the Reserve of Elgin townhomes or click here:

But looking through the MLS or another search service like can instantly show you what is available.  Don’t wait, get out and find your picture perfect autumn condo in the Fox Valley area today.


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