Does home staging really work?

Fox Valley area homeowners often ask me this question “Does a professionally staged home sell faster?”  This is usually followed by “How much does it cost?”

In my experience, the answer is almost always yes, it does sell faster and the cost depends on the stager.  Stagers can offer different levels of customization, furnishing options or discounts on packages.  Staging not only showcases the home to its best advantage, it helps eliminate the clutter from the current owner as well as downplaying negatives.  Sometimes, when a Realtor attempts to explain  how to de-clutter a home to the owner, it may require a professional, outside opinion to point out potential issues.

Let’s be honest.  Home staging doesn’t equal real life because few people leave their homes in museum like cleanliness or have a staff to maintain it.  But when you’re trying to sell your home, the effort has to be put in to make it look like the home could be someone else’s dream home.  No one wants to see a home bedraggled and hung with dirty laundry, dog hair or baby toys everywhere.  Clutter gets in the way of visits and makes it impossible to envision oneself living there.  It also leaves the poor impression of “If this is how they kept the rooms, I wonder how bad the rest of it is.”  This is something you don’t want a potential buyer to think while wandering through your home when it is on the market.

Have you had your home professionally staged?  What did you think of this article?  Send me your comments!


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