2013 Tax Increase and ways to offset it

2013 Tax Increase and ways to offset it

I wanted to share this article on the payroll tax increase.  I thought it was a good read from Cheapism.com posted on Yahoo! Finances on how to save enough on other living expenses to help balance out the tax increase.  We’ve already implemented a lot of the suggestions like refi our home mortgage, cutting out wasteful spending, reducing bills like cable and taking on extra work.  Although if you’re like me,  I am pretty sure that we are bringing home less income than we were 7 years ago at the exact same job.  Frustrating?  You bet!!  Hopeless?  No way!  Why?  Because knowing that our parents gave up part of their retirement funding to help us with college makes us determined to keep moving forward.  Knowing we don’t want to burden our own kids with a similar double whammy, we used the money saved from the mortgage refi to put into the elusive college savings.  Everything else can wait.

What’s your 2013 priority?



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