Get your home sold faster!

Here’s a good marketing idea for those new sellers looking to put their home on the market, making their hard work pay off even more!  Post a “Coming Soon!” sign or attach it as a rider.  An offer can be made before the listing hits the active MLS so it really does help to get it out there ASAP.  The spring market in the Fox Valley area is low on inventory.  So low, in fact, that multiple offers are not uncommon and buyers are getting more aggressive in claiming a property.  A “Coming Soon!” sign can whet the appetite for the buyers who are in the area, as well as test the waters for what a seller can expect as far as interest in the home.

Want another outside the box idea for selling your home?  Combine a garage sale with a Coming Soon! sign for marketing not only your clean out sale, but upcoming home sale!  This way, you not only get local foot traffic in the garage, you get a lot of people talking about your home in a short amount of time.  Plus, getting a good deal on something from your garage sale will sweeten the deal, as they will feel already invested in getting to know you and the property.

Spring is right around the corner, are you ready to make your move?  Let the Keller Williams Team help you move in, move on or move up!


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