When a blind offer sees straight

I was just wrapping up for the day when the update came across the MLS.  An automated search popped up: a listing I had been keeping an eye on, for a certain person, just in case, was in the search results.  Finally!  I knew exactly who to call for this property as I pulled up her contact information from my database.  I had a pretty good idea of what this client would say.  After trying her work number, and the cell phone (thanking my lucky stars to have all this contact info) I went on to the house phone before reaching her.  I skipped right to the point.

“Hi Eileen? It’s Jennifer.  And it just came in, the one on Gray Street, right now on the MLS,” I said.

“Really?  That’s great!  I’m in.  Let’s send the offer in tonight, ok?” Eileen said.

“Are you sure you don’t want to check it out with a showing tomorrow?  We’d be putting in a blind offer tonight, with no first hand look at the property,” I reminded her.

She didn’t hesitate.

“No, it’s now or never.  I’ve been waiting for this one, let’s get it in the offer before we have another set of buyers to bid us up,” she said.

We loaded up our contract, signed it off and sent it over that night, with the property on Gray Street going sight unseen.  Was this a risky idea?  You bet.  Do I recommend it for all my clients?  Absolutely not!

Here’s why it worked for Eileen:
She is an experienced buyer,
She has funds readily available for purchase,
She has seen other similar properties in this neighborhood before and knows the specific type of house,
She saw the listing photos I sent to her from the MLS sheet, so she had some idea of the exterior/interior of the property.

Lastly, she had been outbid previously in this neighborhood so she knew the market competition was fierce in this area.  She knew that if she locked up the property with a full asking price offer the same day it was listed, it might get her a leg up over multiple bids coming in on the property.  She also knew that if something untoward was found later on, she had only to surrender her earnest money deposit to back out of the contract, a risk she found acceptable.

Are you ready to make a move like Eileen?  Get your mark, get set, find your Realtor and go!  The market is slowly moving out of the buyer’s arena and back into the seller’s playing field advantage.  Be ready!



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