Bulldozer friendly property available!

It’s on Prairie Avenue, but don’t let the name fool you.  I had been forewarned by the listing description on the MLS, “Disclaimer must be signed by all parties entering the property and no showings will be confirmed without signatures.”  I didn’t even want to get out of the car when I pulled up in front of it.  Ah well, I figured since drove out here, I might as well check it out in person.  But I was fairly certain of what I would find.  An eyesore, a nasty mutt of a house that was so ugly only a bulldozer would love being around it.  Actually, a bulldozer would be a step up from this house for living accommodations,  it was so bad.  You know a property is in dire straits when you are afraid to walk through the door, if there even is a door.  A hazard mask for checking the basement would be required.  Work gloves for opening door handles plus a really large flashlight are also necessary items.   And will First Time Home Buyer Guy want to walk through it to see what kind of deal he can get?  You betcha!  Even the local investors don’t like major hassles with their properties and this one will come with a bunch of snags.

I expect this one will go to the home renovation guy who likes to noodle around with historical properties.  This one will have issues with a side of extra drama from keeping faithful to the aesthetics of the historical societies requirements.  Read: extra expensive.  From roofing to windows to all parts in between, this one should be a no-brainer tear down.


It is ugly, it is falling down ugly, the kind of house that would make better kindling than a home if not for all the lead paint and asbestos in the walls.  But then, if there were no challenge to renovating sad, ugly, desperate properties, why bother?



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