A change in a new direction

This week, I’ve made a decision to change Brokers.  I’ve always enjoyed the Keller William style of win-win real estate transactions and I’m hoping to continue that with Charles Rutenberg Realty in Naperville.  Now, although my broker’s address has changed, my specializing in residential real estate of the Fox Valley area has not.  I’ve lived here plenty of years now and have no plans on uprooting my family to head for the hills.  Although you might catch me on a Florida beach this winter, just to chase away the Chicago winter blues, I’ll be right here in Elgin for those other 51 weeks of the year.

There are so many exciting projects the City of Elgin has been working on, and as a Realtor, I’ve seen the revitalizing aura has taken full effect this year.  Like the Children’s Theater in Elgin, performing in a June 21,22 at ECC, a new show called iSing: Sounds of a New Generation.  Or the numerous great performances at the Hemmens.  (Note to groundskeepers: the ducks are really, really well fed now, they turn their beaks up at my kids’ offerings of bread).

I am also not changing my method of personal service or hands-on approach.  I know that not all buyers are born with the Realtor’s DNA, so until I hear otherwise, I’m going to keep right on posting links, notes, articles, helpful observations and the like to inform, educate and sometimes, just entertain.

Keep moving forward!


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