There is a reason why Realtors corner the market on home listings….Zillow doesn’t have the same access to real time data like the MLS database Realtors pay to have access too.

Here is a great example:

1028 Crestwood Circle, Saint Charles, IL is on Zillow as “Not For Sale”, or not active,

While on the MLS, is has been listed as active on the market for 60+ days and is rather impressive, to say the least.

photo3 photo0

Wow, what a property!  And to miss the inside photos of this incredible townhome is a shame.  So, what is the hang up Zillow?  Why isn’t it posted as Active and Available Zillow’s search?

Let’s see if Trulia has it, shall we?

Yes, Trulia has the photos up, however it is missing the Street Address!  How exactly does one find a house without an address?

You can’t get the real deal on real estate without a full search with complete addresses, prices, photos, market times and data accuracy that property websites such as Zillow and Trulia simply do not offer. The MLS is still the best resource for all your property needs.

Find your next Fox Valley area property with a Realtor or contact me today for details on your next MLS search.



Where’s my listing on Zillow…or on Trulia?

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