Gail Borden Library-The Big Read

As many Elgin Fox Valley local residents know, Gail Borden Library is Elgin’s largest library along with a smaller, separate branch, named Rakow, on the western edge of Elgin.

Among the various programs they sponsor, this fall’s The Big Read caught my attention.  The book’s title is simple enough, The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien.  But many folks in the Fox Valley area will enjoy the additional special community events the library will host from Sept 1-Nov 11.  The library will host The Wall That Heals, a half-scale replica based on the original Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. beginning Sept 19 until Sept 22 at 4pm.  Also, on Saturday, Sept 28, there is a Dedication Ceremony for the Phase II of the Elgin Veterans Memorial Park, a nearly $90,000 addition, that offers a tribute to those veterans interred at sea.  This park addition was paid for entirely by public donations.

In addition, over 25 different groups have signed up to hold various reader discussion groups at restaurants, schools, churches and libraries.  On Saturday, Oct 19, the community is welcome to share their insights from the book between 2-4 pm with fellow readers in the Meadows Community Rooms.

Finally, there will be a special performance with a stage presentation of five of the short stories from The Things They Carried.  Bought to life by Billy Lyons and directed by Wynn Handman, the mini performance will be held on Wednesday, Sept 25 at 7:15 pm at the Meadows Community Rooms.  A full performance will be Saturday evening, Sept 28 at 7:30 pm at the Elgin Community College Arts Center, SecondSpace Theatre.  Tickets are $25 each.

Join the Fox Valley community, your friends and neighbors, along with family members to learn about more about the Vietnam veterans and to help promote healing, understanding and appreciation for all those who lived, died, served and are still serving today in service to our country.



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