Single women snap up sales on homes

Saint Charles, IL – Wouldn’t it be great if the housing market had BOGO sales?  Buy one house, get another half off; now that would be the ultimate sale.  Or, how about a “Pay It Forward Program” of buying one home, helping another woman buy a condo? That sure would beat the write off Subaru gets when you a buy a new vehicle from them and they donate $250 to a charity on your behalf.

However, the spring housing market is not quite ready for a flash sale, but many more single women are stepping up to home ownership and finding it’s a great fit.   Think you can’t buy a home of your own?  Think again!  Hard working single women are breaking out of the old rental cycle and paying themselves back each month instead of a landlord.  If your long term career plans include staying in one place for more than 3 years, now is a great time to look into homeownership.  From affordable condos, maintenance free town homes and rent to own programs, many single women are taking control of their finances and becoming new home owners.  Mortgage rates are still low and lenders like to see a steady income with a solid credit score.  Down payment assistance programs may even be able to qualified applicants, so be sure to ask your lender. offers a quick guide for single women looking to become first time homeowners:

Are you ready to see how far your housing market dollars can take you?  Find out today!




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