Disney Like Experience at the Kane County Cougars

Geneva, IL – A family friendly outing in Geneva at the Fifth Third ball park was just the ticket for this Memorial Day weekend.  A full weekend of events held at the field ushered in the beautiful weather along with a pre-summer kickoff of baseball, ball park favorites, fun, games and of course, fireworks in the evening.  Go Cougars!

We’ve attended minor league games for the past five years here with our kids and each time, we’ve been delighted with the food, the fun, the games and the park itself.  This past weekend however, we noticed something different.  Not once, but twice, I overheard a remarkable comment from other patrons, “It’s just like Disney”, once on the bus to the gate and once again on the orderly pedestrian traffic flow back to the parking lots.

There is a simple standard of “Disney” level entertainment that every parent understands.  For many parents, there is no higher compliment, than “it’s just like Disney”.  At a Disney theme park, visitors expect lush landscaping, top quality amenities, excellent customer service from smiling associates and family friendly entertainment in a clean, safe environment.

The Kane County Cougars delivers this experience, year over year, every time.  The park itself is clean and green, with a well oiled baseball team who thrill the fans.  The employees who coordinate the load of happy fans easily through parking lots, food lines, tickets and games run the venue just as effectively.  Tickets were sold out for the reserved boxes and for good reason.  Rain or shine, win or lose, the Kane County Cougars at the Fifth Third ball park over delivers to its fan base and encourages all ages participation.  What truly set off this recent visit was how happy the team members were and my fellow patrons noticed.  Maybe it was the holiday weekend or the glorious summer like weather, but from the bus driver on the trolley, to the smiling ticket takers, to the cheerful beer vendors and parking lot guides, they were pleasant, helpful and down right fun.

The only thing that wasn’t Disney like was the price tag.  Going to a Cougars game, even with the $5 parking fee, is still very affordable.

And Dads, don’t forget, Princess Night is Friday, June 20th.  Dads, bring your daughters (in costume or not) to the park and enjoy the magical princess parade and full game with special daddy-daughter ticket pricing.


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