Eyes only-home inspection reports and radon concerns

Elgin Fox Valley, IL – Market Watch offers a buyer beware article on home inspectors.


This article highlights that a few reasons why you should get a licensed, professional home inspector to conduct your home inspection, but it is still buyer beware!  Few purchases can be as complicated as buying a home.  Let’s face it, anything that takes 8 weeks to finally close on is complicated.  The process may be tricky but the home inspection is plain.

You might not want to read an  extensive report on your new property.  But read it anyway!  The full report from your certified ASHI home inspector may be boring, but is very valuable to understand the general condition and issues with the property that you may need to address.  Remember, your broker is not liable for defects in the house, the homeowner is.  Get your full money’s worth and ask questions, and follow up questions if need be.  Some issues like plumbing or foundation cracks, are larger problems.  Others like broken outlets or a missing railing can be fixed easily.  Keep in mind that once an issue is found, it cannot be “unfound” and the next buyer who wants to inspect the home will see the same issue(s) come up again unless it is fixed.  It is in the best interest of the home seller to address any issues right away to ensure a smooth transaction.

Also, be sure to use your own inspector or get referrals to one from a trusted source.  Your real estate broker can offer local suggestions, but they are prohibited from offering one preferred inspector for you to use.

For example, not only did we hire a home inspector for our own home purchase, our inspector indicated our Elgin Fox Valley area has documented radon issues and to consider a separate radon test, as the house never had one done.  We found a radon testing company and set up the test.  Indeed, after the results of the radon test were compiled, the  stunning off-the-chart results almost caused the deal to fall apart.  However, after a bit of negotiation, an agreement to pay for the radon mitigation was added on the seller’s side and the deal was completed.





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