Elgin FireFighters spark interest with new fire explorers

Elgin, IL – It’s summertime and the city of Elgin wants to spark interest in their brand new Fire Explorers program.  If you’ve got a teen or know of a young person who has wished they could follow the racing fire trucks and blaring sirens-this career exploration program is for them!  Elgin has developed a brand new program to introduce young people (ages 14-20 yrs) about careers in the firefighting field. Check the link below for more information.


Requirements include:

• Must be between the ages of 14 and 20.
• Must be in good physical condition and pass a “basic physical abilities test”.
• Must submit a letter of recommendation from and adult who is not the candidate’s parent or guardian.
• If in school, candidates will maintain acceptable academic progress, which will require that all grades are C’s or better to remain eligible.
• Quarterly school report cards submitted along with teacher contact information for any class that receives a grade below C.
• The candidate will pass a general knowledge written test.
• The candidate will participate in an interview process with the advisory board.
• The advisory board will recommend the initial 20 candidates. Future interview processes will include explorer post officer members on the board.

This program is still under development, so contact the City of Elgin at 847-931-6181 or 847-931-6177
fireexplorers@cityofelgin.org for details.

Also, Elgin is hosting an Open House for the Fire Explorer program on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at Fire Station 2 located at 650 Big Timber Dr. Elgin, Illinois 60123, from 9am-12pm.  Come with questions and find out the answers.



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