Kelly Blue Book-For Your Home!

Elgin Fox Valley, IL –
Checking out the Kelly Blue Book for cars is easy.  You simply go online, make a few clicks to select your make, year and model and viola! You have an instant estimate from Kelly Blue Book on what the value of your car is for a private sale or a trade in to a dealer.

Now, Kelly Blue Book already knows there is a big mark up between a private sale versus a trade in to a dealer, so why wouldn’t there be a difference on a home sale too?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the exact same for your home?  Go online, make a few clicks and get an estimate to print off and post to the front of your house for potential buyers to view?  FSBO’s would love to have it also add -No Investors!-under the price tag, too.
Just like with used cars, there are plenty of private cash buyers out there who will gladly step up to take your property off your hands, for 20% or more below market value.  If you need proof, visit Fast Home and see how far they will undercut the value.  It’s a no-obligation offer, so you won’t have to accept it if it is too low (and I can almost guarantee it will be by approximately 20%).  I can tell you now, any investor who knows what he or she is doing will not lose a penny in making a deal with you.  Just like Fast Home, they structure the deals to cash out upfront, which means that unless they make their mark up, they won’t do the deal and they walk away. For them, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.  Exactly like Zillow.  Zillow also knows that everyone wants to see their home have a nice, hefty number for their property value.  How long would Zillow be in business if they gave stingy numbers based on real time sold listings?

But there is good news!   There is a mysterious Kelly Blue Book for Homes!  It’s called a real estate agent with access to the MLS.  Why?  Because licensed agents have access to the next best thing: actual sold prices of homes in your area, from the past 6-12 months.

Send me your local ugly homes, your pretty homes, your homes that need fixing and those that need none.  I can help with a complete CMA and get a true market snapshot of your property value.

Download my new mobile home search app Midwest Homes here
Note: Use 240766 for agent ID to log in.




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