Tiny Homes Find Big Market

Fox Valley – While recently suffering from a nasty summer cold, I was able to flip through various cable TV stations and landed on FYI,. Crammed in between  the Feast and the Furious and Kitchen Nightmares was a show called Tiny House Nation.  So, once again, you really can find everything on TV with 500+ channels.


There’s been a big push lately of advertising to showcase tiny homes that carefully tiptoe the fine line between storage shed and cramped living space,  or as real estate agents will say, “cozy”.  Noting that the average size of an American home today is over 2,300 square feet, the Tiny House Nation show firmly upholds that less is more.  Check out the entire episode of the production of a tiny home on their website:


But wait, there’s more.

photo from homeideas.pics

Tiny home building companies like Tumbleweed, Tiny House Company,  http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/, are enjoying significant growth as folks from woodcarvers, to hobbyists, to new families are seeking to simplify and downsize, while reducing mortgage payments. Costs to purchase a tiny home on wheels range from $57,000 and up, depending on the size.

photos from The Elm, from Tumbleweed, Homes To Go



However, you cannot simply park one of these anywhere you wish, so be sure to allocate in advance for proper zoning and a private lot unless you currently own your home and have properly zoned space on site.

Tumbleweed also sells designs for building smaller footprint homes, which are exclusively built to be highly functional and space saving, but without the trailer/wheels.

The Harbinger Grande (below), for example, requires sufficient square footage on a lot as it is a permanent fixture (no wheels).  It can be built on ground level, on a concrete slab or over a basement.  The options are as wide open as one’s checkbook, as with most home options.  Although they have plumbing and electricity, few have central A/C or forced heat, so this style of living may not fit well in northern climates during a harsh polar vortex winter, or what we here in Chicago call “snowy”.


They can be installed with a contractor on your selected property.  Again, be sure to consult with local zoning and building professionals to ensure all requirements are met.

Photos from Tumbleweed Houses, the Harbinger Grande

Tiny houses are answering a need for many homeowners who seek privacy and customization in their living arrangements.  Not everyone is suited to tiny living, but having more high quality options available with great prices certainly makes a strong argument for downsizing.





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