What I Learned at a Private Tour on Turnkey Property Investing

What did you do last week?


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a private tour of Chicago Turnkey Properties, a local business that flips and manages single family homes.  They take blighted homes and renovate them into upgraded, attractive homes that rent in record time.  It was a great learning experience and my group of Fox Valley Investors were warmly welcomed.


Fermin Saucedo and Alberto Fernandez hosted the event in Country Club Hills and took us through 3 properties, a before, during and after, to see each phase.  It was a hands on experience, as we saw the behind the drywall, under the sub floor and behind the trim, as they showed us how they renovate the entire property.

Check out more links, videos and information here:

YouTube video link:

Fox Valley Investors Turnkey Property Tour

Linked In Blog link:

Finding the Win in Turnkey Properties

Looking for more information or want to check out the group?  Newbies and pro’s are welcome.  We do monthly meet ups and make local connections.

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