South Elgin Offers Big Savings on Homes!

Thinking of South Elgin?  How about an easy living townhome?  Check out this video for an inside peek!  329 Stonington is just one of many homes now available in South Elgin.

South Elgin knocks it out of the park again for first time buyers, empty nesters and growing families!  Super discounts are now available for home buyers looking to buy now! There is a huge selection of homes available in South Elgin for a wide price range and there are 100’s more on the market.  There is no better time to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and buy that home right now.

MLS #          LP/SP      Prop Type  BD/Bths   CP    Str Name              CITY                 STATUS
09359278    $204900      ACTV  DE    3     2.1       Sara  CT                      South Elgin      Short Sale
09390684    $210000     ACTV  DE    3     1.1         Ridge RD                    South Elgin      None
09389175    $217000      ACTV  AT    3     2.1         MELROSE     CT         South Elgin      None
09316340    $218900      ACTV  AT    3     2.1         Melrose     CT    17    South Elgin      None
09303198    $219900      ACTV  MU    5     2     E   STATE ST                    South Elgin     None
09310606    $219900      ACTV  DE    3     2.1   W  CAMDEN      LN        South Elgin     REO/Owned
09396864    $219900      ACTV  DE    4     2.1         Cherry      ST             South Elgin      None
08966588    $225000      ACTV  AT    3     2.1         MELROSE     CT        South Elgin       None
09351281     $225000      ACTV   DE    3     1.1          Angeline    DR         South Elgin       None
09188842    $229000     ACTV   DE    3     2.1         Ridge RD                   South Elgin       None
08960049   $232000      ACTV  AT    3     2.1         Melrose     CT            South Elgin       None
09325846    $234500      ACTV  DE    4     2.1         La Fayette  DR          South Elgin       None
09371732    $239000      ACTV  DE    3     2.1         DUBLIN      LN           South Elgin      Short Sale
09391574    $249999      ACTV  DE    3     2.1         Fairview    LN            South Elgin       None
09383747    $255900      ACTV  AT    3     3.1         HICKORY     LN          South Elgin       None
09391265    $269900      ACTV  DE    4     2.1         Woodland    DR        South Elgin       None
09372130    $274900      ACTV  AT    3     2.1         Hickory     LN            South Elgin       None
09395900    $279900      ACTV  DE    4     3.1         Juli  DR                       South Elgin       Relo
09331832    $287500      ACTV  DE    4     2.1         Chesterfield      LN    South Elgin      None
09234134    $289900      ACTV  DE    4     2.1         Prairie Pointe    DR  South Elgin       None
09195398    $294900      ACTV  DE    4     3.1   N    Haverhill   LN          South Elgin       None
09324979    $296600     ACTV  DE    4     2.1          Holt  LN                    South Elgin    REO/Owned
09379358    $297500      PCHG  DE    4     2.1   E     Thorndale   LN       South Elgin      None

Different price?
Looking for something in a different price range?  Let me know and I can run you a complete list.

Different location?
While many folks are enjoying South Elgin, we have plenty of others seeking homes in nearby towns too.   Contact me today for a full list of 100’s of available homes in St. Charles, Elgin, St. Charles, Streamwood, Geneva, Bartlett and more.


Did you know?  
In addition to helping owners with distressed homes,  Fox Valley Homes offers full broker service for regular listings,  rentals, buyers and home sellers, as well as investors in residential properties across the northern Illinois and Chicago region. All team members are trained to coordinate real estate transactions effectively and retain the full skills and expertise of fully licensed Realtors®, including access to the resources of the local Illinois MLS database.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Kinzle, e-PRO, SFR, (630) 854-4360. Email me direct


Contact me:


Jennifer Kinzle, e-PRO, SFR Broker
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