Local Elgin Company Helps Families, Saves Lives With Mobile App

Elgin, IL –

Hospital waiting rooms no longer need to be frustrated islands of isolated long waits for family and friends of surgery patients, thanks to the Family Advocate Waiting Room app (patent pending),a  new mobile application from InSight Apps, LLC, located in Elgin, IL.

Working with top health care systems across the state of Illinois, the Family Advocate Waiting Room mobile application allows family and friends access to the patient update status board and allow instant smartphone updates anywhere in the hospital, including chapels, ICU, front lobby and the cafeteria.  This application offers a unique opportunity for waiting room occupants to cut the cord from a single waiting room while never missing missing an update.  The app will work in various foreign languages, include a countdown to the next update as well as allow follow up appointments to be made with a few simple clicks.

According to InSight Apps, LLC Mobile Systems Architect Eric Kinzle, this app was created in direct response from  consumer requests. “Not only can it improve patient care, it can save lives by making the follow up appointment easy to set up.  Nearly 60% of surgery patients fail to make a follow up appointment, causing the hospital thousands in readmission fees.  This app pays for itself with the first patient to make the appointment.”

In addition, this app allows for individual hospitals to customize a wide array of features and robust data handling.  It does not require any additional updates or training on behalf of the staff or doctors in a hospital, but will be customized seamlessly via direct programming specifics on individual status board metrics.  HIPPA secure and anonymous to viewers, users must enter a patient code to view a status, which feeds to a private user’s smartphone or handheld device.

InSight Apps, LLC, based in Elgin, IL, was launched in 2014 under Chicago native Eric Kinzle, Mobile Systems Architect, MA in Computer Science from DePaul, MBA student at NIU and over a decade of healthcare systems experience.   The Family Advocate Waiting Room app is InSight App’s first mobile business application dedicated to hospital waiting room facilities, now available nationwide.  Contact Eric Kinzle direct at kinzle32@gmail.com or 630-854-4369 for more information.

InSight Apps, LLC is based out of Elgin, IL and is currently operated  with select partners for marketing, maintenance, development and deployment.


For more information on the new app, please visit here:



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