4 Offers, 3 Days, 1 Hour Open House = SOLD!

The 1 Hour Open House
The biting cold of January in suburban Chicago didn’t stop our open house from bringing in a huge number of cash buyers last weekend.  Not only did we have “boots on the ground” with more than 20 visitors at the property in one hour’s time, we also created a live streaming event, showcasing the property to an unlimited number of home viewers.

485 N Commonwealth Ave, Elgin, IL.  This was the only sign we used for our 1 Hour Open House.  The real estate yard sign was not used to sell this home!

4 Offers, 3 Days, 1 Hour Open House and 0 Yard Signs =  SOLD
Want to know how we managed to bring in 4 cash offers in less than 72 hours with no yard sign?  We created a broad marketing campaign using social media, advertising, blogs, videos, webinars and more, across the internet, to attract ready to purchase cash buyers.

Our highly efficient marketing team excels in promoting events online.  Active home buyers are constantly searching the internet for the freshest properties on the market, and they react fast when they see a great property.  Knowing how to snag the interest of those active cash or conventional buyers is key in bringing in the highest and best offers.

A customized marketing plan
To help promote a property, we first discuss with the owners their time frame and goals.  Then we create a pre-staging marketing plan.  We want visitors to see the property at its best, with swept floors, bright lights and clean windows.  There’s no point in doing an open house if no one can walk through it.

Next, we meet the owners in person to review the marketing plan and make sure the proper timelines are met.  Not everyone is ready to sell in three days, so we make sure our marketing lines up to your needs.  We also go over how to de-clutter, de-fur (pets) and de-personalize the property, so that buyers can envision themselves living in the home.  We coach the home owners through our home seller checklist.  We let them know what to expect and how to best work their way through the list.

For example, the property used in our sample video below, the owners used a dumpster to unload decades worth of old boxes from the partially finished basement.  They knew how valuable clearing out the property was in order to receive the highest offer in the shortest amount of time.

Then when the property was mostly cleaned up, we were ready for the next step in our marketing plan – broadcasting our open house event.  This included attracting the interest of the local group, Fox Valley Investors, to get their thoughts on the property  as well.

Here’s an inside peek here:

Fox Valley Investors Group is a local group with cash buyers, contractors, property managers and others looking to for their next purchase or flip.  Investing experts love to get inside a potential property, to see first hand all the benefits of a property, just like HGTV’s Flip or Flop.   The group works right in our neighborhoods and local communities, adding value and contributing to the area by revitalizing run down or dilapidated properties.  Here’s a link to the MeetUp:

Fox Valley Investor Group – Join the MeetUp

As you can see from the video, we used a local expert to walk the group through the house, with an eye for renovations.  By leveraging a multi-level marketing plan, including pre-staging, a broad marketing campaign to highlight the property, and reaching out to local community participants, we ensured a successful outcome with multiple offers.

Three days later, we had received 4 offers. The home owners found themselves in the enviable position of choosing which offer they preferred.




Top dollar for short sales and regular residential sales
We’ve developed marketing plans for a variety of homeowners across the Fox Valley area. Some folks are caught in underwater mortgages and require a short sale to avoid a foreclosure.  Listing their home with my team ensures they can avoid foreclosure and the bank knows they will get true market value.  Short sales and foreclosures are what we specialize in.  Our long term relationships with bankruptcy attorneys, divorce lawyers, title companies, and all the major banks, work together to close more short sales than any other team.

My other clients, who don’t need a fast exit solution, require a different brand of marketing to find a suitable buyer.  I work with a variety of buyers, sellers, and investors to coordinate every sale to run smoothly.  Short sale or regular sale, we work with them all, throughout the Chicagoland area.


If getting top dollar is the only solution that works for you, then you need to list with a Realtor who leverages the right marketing channels, to ensure the highest and best offers.  That’s exactly what you’ll get when you list with me.

The spring market is warming up soon!  Get your free property report here:
Fox Valley Free Property Report

Contact me at (630) 854-4360 for more information on how my 1 Hour Open House can get your home SOLD.


Jennifer Kinzle, e-PRO Broker
The Keller Group @ Charles Rutenberg Realty of Illinois
Direct : (630)  854-4360
Fax:  (773) 466-1538
Email: Jenniferkinzle@yahoo.com
Free Property Report: Fox Valley Free Property Report
Website: St Charles Fox Valley Homes




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